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Several seasons have seen a rise in popularity of ceramic wood.

This is not surprising — the natural richness of colours, structures, and grains is an endless source of inspiration, while the characteristics of wood-like tiles offer durability and ease of care.

Further, ceramic boards may be laid in a variety of ways, creating distinctive decorative effects.

Ceramic wood has been enjoying popularity for several seasons. It is hardly surprising — the natural richness of colours, structures, and grains is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, while the parameters of wood-like tiles impress with their durability and ease of care.

In addition, the form of ceramic boards allows for various ways of laying, each of which creates a distinct decorative effect.

Herringbone, running bond, braid, and chessboard patterns…

Laying ceramic floorboards often depends on laying parquet or natural wood floorboards.

Each type of laying strongly influences the stylistic character of the whole space. Parallel-laid ceramic floorboards—whether in a regular or irregular brick pattern or in an English style—bring a sense of calm to the interior and provide a neutral background for furniture, decoration, and lighting.

On the other hand, if you want to highlight individual ceramic planks or put them in expressive forms, which will attract attention in themselves, you can consider more complicated arrangements. Remember that you have options other than single herringbone to highlight individual planks; for example, you can use double herringbone, triple herringbone, and French herringbone.

The pattern alone does not exhaust all the possibilities – there is also a choice of using a vertical, horizontal or diagonal layout in relation to the interior layout.

And you don’t have to choose a single layout for a given room. 

On the contrary, you should play with different shapes and deliberately combine different styles – parallel and perpendicular, for example. Thanks to such daring combinations, your interiors will be unique, authentic, and will fully reflect your character and personality.

Peaceful relaxation in the living room

The application of ceramic wood in living rooms is most common, not only because it’s suitable for underfloor heating, but also because its aesthetic values dominate. 

A great variety of wood inspirations from various species of trees, subjected to additional stylistic treatments, creates wide possibilities of arrangement. It’s important that the large ceramic planks do not disturb favourite rhythms of the room’s purposeful relaxation.

Peace and quiet in the bedroom


The best arrangement of woodgrain tiles for flooring in a room that is used for tranquillity and relaxation is a parallel arrangement.

Tiles arranged vertically on the walls are a natural extension of the planks arranged on the side of the bed, and they emphasize the height of the interior.

Working in the home office

In order to work in an office, you must create an atmosphere of peace and quiet. Bright colours, functional furniture, tidiness, as well as a simple regular arrangement of wooden planks on the floor will help you to concentrate.

Some dynamics in the bathroom

The humble ceramic tile has made an impressive resurgence in the past decade, gracing the walls of bathrooms around the world.

 It’s no longer enough to limit your use of ceramic wood to vertical or horizontal application: You can make a dull bathroom more dynamic by using an impressive herringbone pattern, in combination with geometric designs. This combination creates a monochromatic bathroom in neutral colours, with light wood, concrete gray, and black and white accents.


  • Ceramic wood can be laid in many ways.
  • Parallel ways of laying create an impression of calmness and a uniform plane of ceramic wood.
  • Complicated arrangements of ceramic boards introduce a higher order and carefully planned dynamics to the interior.
  • The method of arranging ceramic parquet flooring should always be balanced with regard to one’s taste, stylistic cohesion with the rest of the furnishing elements, and the function of the room.
  • Ceramic frost-resistant coverings are universal—they may be used in all rooms. They may decorate living rooms, children’s and guest rooms, kitchens, halls, study rooms, dressing rooms, laundry rooms and pantries. They are also perfect for balconies and terraces.

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