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Can you put wall tiles on the floor, or floor tiles on the wall?

Wall tiles on floors would be a bad idea.
Tiles for the walls are less resistant to damage, and if you put them on the floor they will quickly show unsightly signs of use, such as scratches.

Usually you can put floor tiles on the wall.

This is a great solution if you want a surface that is exactly the same colour, which will allow you to arrange a modern, minimalist interior.

Although, we have an even better solution for you – many of the collections available in our store have both floor and wall tiles.



The Tosi Tiles collection–inspired by the nobility of marble—with its bold base tiles, large-format square and rectangular tiles, hexagons and mouldings, allows for free arrangement of spacious, multi-level rooms. See collection

Differences between wall and floor tiles.

When selecting tiles, consider their appearance as well as their parameters.

There are several differences between wall and floor tiles.

Your first consideration should be how slip-resistant they are.

For wall tilling, there is no need for non-slip models, but for cladding on floors, it is a key consideration.

A non-slip tile is especially important if you’re choosing tiles for your bathroom or terrace.

Another significant parameter is the abrasion class.

Tiles for walls do not have to be abrasion resistant in the same way as the floor covering.

Even so, you don’t always have to select the most durable tiles.

Slip resistance is much more critical in the bathroom than abrasion class, since you won’t wear your shoes there.

Melby / Elbo

Melby / Elbo

The full glory of minimalism! With these three basic colours – white, black, and grey – you can adopt any kind of accessory, regardless of its nature or colour. To prevent boredom, we infused the decors with a beautiful geometric motif that does not deviate from the minimalist trends but is different enough to perfectly highlight the character of the interior. Both small and large spaces will benefit from the universal format and matte finish. See collection

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