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Raw Beauty Of Nature

Discover the raw beauty of nature in the form of wood created by the uncontrollable forces of time and environment. The Craftland collection will fill your interiors with the charm of primaeval nature, evoking memories of carefree wanderings accompanied by the smell of moss and the rustle of forest bed. The natural environment for the raw beauty of the Craftland tiles are not only industrial and rustic space highlighted by numerous lines of cracks and knots, but also interiors created in a modern and minimalistic style. It is there that their unique beauty, authenticity and undeniable elegance can be presented in all their glory while displaying their craft origins. Thanks to the modular 14.8×119.8 cm and 14.8×89.8 cm sizes and four unique shades (Light, Naturale, Brown, Dark) you will arrange an interior that will surround you with raw beauty with all its depth.

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