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How to design a bathroom without barriers, that is, a bathing space friendly to the elderly and disabled?

Deante offers solutions designed to make using a home bathroom more enjoyable and convenient for those who are faced with numerous challenges on a daily basis.

A person with reduced mobility may have difficulty not only entering a bathtub, but also taking a shower.

While traditional shower enclosures with high shower trays may seem unproblematic to 100% able-bodied people, they can be a real challenge for the elderly or disabled.

Walk-in shower enclosures provide a practical, as well as a very stylish solution to this problem, with its key advantages being a simple design, the lack of a sill strip, and trouble-free access.

Shower wall

Shower wall

Kerria Plus See products

The innovative Kerria Plus shower enclosure system offers a wide range of door sizes and configurations, allowing you to customize your enclosure to fit your needs or the space in your bathroom.

This system makes it possible to install the shower in a niche (even 2 m wide), in a corner or in combination with a partition wall. An additional advantage is the hinge design, which allows the door to be folded so that a wheelchair user can enter the shower enclosure.

In addition, the Abelia series of walk-in showers has walls 100-140 cm wide with an adjustable stiffening bar, allowing the user to design a very spacious and comfortable shower.

In turn, the main feature of the latest Mokko walk-in shower cubicles, and at the same time an unrivalled solution distinguishing it from other models of this type available on the market, is a cut-out in the sheet of glass in the shape of hangers, making it possible to hang up to 3 towels on it.

Walk-in Showers

Walk-in Showers

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One more aspect of Deante cabins makes it easier for all users to maintain the cabin. It is an Active Cover coating that protects the glass surface against stains.

Deante also offers sill-strip cabins – from the Arnika, Kerria Plus, Alpinia or Abelia collections – for those looking for a compromise between a shower enclosure and a completely thresholdless walk-in shower enclosure. These cabins are tighter and ensure a dry, safe floor outside the shower area.

Regardless of the type of shower enclosure you choose, it is worth considering the installation of functional and minimalist linear and wall drains. These solutions make it possible to level out the levels between the wet and dry zones and are ideal for bathrooms used by children, the elderly and wheelchair users.

With this group in mind, Deante also offers the Vital collection of accessories, faucets and showers and ceramics.

The characteristic products are steel wall handrails in two finishes to pick from (chrome or nero), serving, depending on the model, as a towel bar, toilet paper holder or shower set rod at the same time. The dual purpose of the handrails conceals their function from outsiders, such as guests, because of their visual integration. All are also distinguished by their ability to withstand heavy loads.

VITAL Wall-mounted seat, foldable – brown – NIV_451P – Deante

€135,98 Finish: brown, Material: composite, aluminium, Load [kg]: 130 Add to basket

VITAL Wall-mounted grab bar, place for a towel – 2in1…

€125,98 Finish: nero, Material: steel 304, Load [kg]: 150 Add to basket

VITAL Wall-mounted grab bar, with space for toilet paper –…

€115,98 Finish: steel, Material: steel 304, Load [kg]: 150 Add to basket

VITAL Washbasin tap, with Clinic lever – chrome – BDS_021C…

€113,48 Finish: chrome, mixer type: mixer, single-handle, Installation method: standing, plug… Add to basket

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