Wonder Sky

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Blue meadow

No two shades of sky are the same – from light blue to saturated blue, grey covered with clouds, or dark blue endlessness. Picture strolling through the most stunning European meadows where every step presents a different perspective and a fresh outlook on the floral carpets reflected in the mirror of the sky. Bring this special view into your interior, creating a peaceful and secure space. Using a pattern and colour palette translated onto the surface of 29.8 x 89.8 cm tiles, every aspect of the subtle, four-element effect of floral wallpaper is highlighted by an expressive tile with a blue stone motif, with strong veining in the glossy glaze. The accessory bricks are a novelty in 6.5 x 29.8 cm format with gleaming structure. This composition will make you feel like you’re enjoying the scent of the earth, the hum of insects and the singing of birds in spring, and basking in the pleasant touch of sunlight on your face from the blue sky.

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