Willow Massive Gres 2.0

Willow – relaxing moments in the bosom of nature

Looking for a spot to unwind after a tough day? With just a balcony or a small terrace and a thoughtfully arranged space, you can have the perfect relaxation spot. Enter the Willow collection’s exquisite terrace tiles: with warm hues like beige, ochre, and brown, and the characteristic grains of oak wood, these tiles make for an incredibly inspiring and natural atmosphere. These tiles’ universal nature allows them to complement natural stones like sandstone, pebble, gravel, sand, and concrete, adding a unique element to any style of surroundings. These 2 cm thick Willow terrace tiles (available in the base size of 29.5 x 119.5 cm) offer exceptional durability (glazed gres), resilience to inclement weather conditions (rain, snow, frost), excellent anti-slip properties, and effortless installation and disassembly.

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