Versatile by nature

The Viano clinker tile collection boasts an extensive range of neutral shades, including beige, grys, and anthracite, making it suitable for both contemporary and traditional settings. The subtle, nature-inspired texture and tonal design pay tribute to the mesmerizing beauty of nature.
This versatile collection offers various types of tiles, including base tiles available in 30×30 cm and 30×60 cm, corner and straight treads (30×30 cm and 30×60 cm), curved mouldings (8.1×30 cm), risers (14.8 x 30 cm), façade tiles (6.6×24,5 cm), and window sill tiles (10×20 cm). With its superior technical specifications and an array of formats, Viano gres can be used on walls and floors throughout the entire property, from living spaces and staircases to terraces and facades.

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