Tune HSD


3D Model

[iframe3d src=www.termaheat.pl//3dvisualization/grzejnik-tune-hsd]



  • Interesting and functional solution for those who prefer simplicity
  • Free-standing version
  • Mocowania typu STP umożliwiają sprawny montaż do podłoża

Included accessories:

  • Bleed valve

Warranty: 8 years

A freestanding radiator with a double row of profiles, ideal for rooms with full-height glass windows and office space. An interesting alternative for low panel radiators as well as channel radiators in areas with large glass surfaces. This unique decorative radiator is also available in wall-mounted vertical (Tune VWS i VWD) and horizontal (Tune HWS i HWD) versions. Tune HSD is available as a water radiator only. Heat output: 421-790 W.


Water radiators – standard connection


Technical data

A – height B – width C1-C5 – connection spacing D – distance between fixings horizontally E – distance between attachments vertically F – distance from the lower axle of fixings to the bottom edge of the collector
Collector and tube

Available sizes

size: 300x1000
size: 390x1000
size: 300x1400
size: 390x1400

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