Triga AW E


3D Model




  • Beautiful, unique form; making your interior design more dynamic
  • The possibility of adding ZIP hangers
  • Mocowania typu V3P pozwalają na regulowanie odległości grzejnika od ściany

Included accessories:

  • Set of mounting brackets

Warranty: 8 years

Terma Triga AW curved designer electric radiators pair a sophisticated aesthetic with cutting-edge heating technology, providing an intelligent and attractive heating solution for modern spaces. The cylindrical motif of these vertical designer radiators means they are both an attractive room feature and an effective source of heat.


Electric radiators


Technical data

A – height B – width C1-C5 – connection spacing D – distance between fixings horizontally E – distance between attachments vertically F – distance from the lower axle of fixings to the bottom edge of the collector
Collector and tube

Available sizes


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