Italian classic in a modern version

The Tosi gres tile collection draws inspiration from the opulence of marble, and is designed for those who appreciate sophisticated, classic interiors that incorporate subtle nods to contemporary trends. The collection features a tonal pattern that captures the natural stone veining of the Mediterranean region, evoking the indulgence of luxurious villas. The large-format base tiles come in square (59.8×59.8 cm, 89.8×89.8 cm) and rectangular (59.8×119.8 cm up to 89.8×179.8 cm), as well as hexagons and mouldings, providing endless possibilities for decorating spacious, multi-storey rooms. The warm beige and brown hues of the gres tiles complement steel and copper bathroom or kitchen accessories, as well as plush fabrics like velvet and leather in the living room.

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