Modernity all the way!

Stay ahead of the trend with the Taranto collection which always remains fashionable, keeping your interiors in style. We believe modern always equates to progress, that’s why we have enriched this collection with a broad range of colors, surface textures, and decorative elements. With this variety, you can transform any room, from your kitchen to your living room, into something truly timeless. Choose from our diverse range of colors including grit, graphite, beige, and brown, to discover the perfect look that will always be on-trend.

recently added

  • Penelopa

    Fits all! The Penelopa mosaic is truly versatile and stunning. […]

  • Natural

    Naturally, it’s a standard! Introducing the Natural collection – a […]

  • Ural

    The Ural technical gres consists of dark beige tiles in […]