Mysterious and impenetrable Siberian forests, enchanting with their richness of nature, inspired us to create the Taiga collection. All local motifs are intertwined within it – wood and its varied colour scheme, as well as glass inserts showing the forest vegetation covered by fog. A graphite tile with the texture of mossy wood will be a great contrast for the subtle colour scheme of glossy base tiles in a 29.5 x 59,5 cm format – Ivory and Silver. Geometric decors in the same colour scheme, as well as a strong, modern design on the insert can be an interesting addition. The richness of nature shown in the Taiga collection can also be seen in the very original hexagon-shaped mosaic. All elements of the collection are beautifully composed, at the same time presenting the diversity of fauna and flora, as well as the severity of the Siberian climate.

The Taiga collection was inspired by the captivating and enigmatic forests of Siberia. Every tile is a fusion of local motifs; wood with its distinct hues, and glass inserts capturing the essence of the misty forest vegetation. The collection boasts a 29.5 x 59.5 cm format in two subtle tones – Ivory and Silver – complemented by a graphite tile that mimics the texture of mossy wood. The design features geometric decors in the same color scheme, with a contemporary insert, creating a fascinating aesthetic. The collection’s originality is further enhanced by the hexagonal mosaic, evocative of the diverse wildlife and harsh Siberian climate. Taiga collection – a true masterpiece that celebrates the uniqueness of nature.

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