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Are you searching for the perfect interior to suit your daily moods? Are you looking to craft a warm and secure space that complements the fleeting moments of your life? Our tiles collection, featuring shades of grey, offers a versatile setting that accommodates every aspect of your taste. The fine-grained, worn-out concrete aesthetics exude both peace and balance, while the discreetly decorative tiles, reminiscent of old, hand-woven carpets, evoke a homely atmosphere. The collection guarantees to cater to all your needs and desires.

recently added

  • Penelopa

    Fits all! The Penelopa mosaic is truly versatile and stunning. […]

  • Natural

    Naturally, it’s a standard! Introducing the Natural collection – a […]

  • Ural

    The Ural technical gres consists of dark beige tiles in […]