Sari / Sarigo

Calm delicate colours on one side. Distinct, strong ornaments and decors on the other. These colours will allow the creating many different interiors. Looking for a toned room? Choose the delicate beige base tiles. Do you want to enliven it? We have structural decorations or smooth tiles for you with a contrasting motif. For enthusiasts of many types of decorations, we have a mosaic that can be used even on the most demanding surfaces.

Experience the beauty of calm and delicate colors on one side of our versatile tile collection. On the other side, you’ll find distinct and strong ornaments and decors, which can add character to any space. From creating a toned room with delicate beige base tiles to enlivening it with structural decorations or smooth tiles with a contrasting motif, you can choose from a variety of options to create your dream interior. Moreover, our mosaic tiles are perfect for enthusiasts of different types of decorations and can be used on even the most demanding surfaces.

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