Rustic Gold Massive Gres 2.0

Rustic Gold 2.0 terrace tiles – warmth and naturalness in your garden

Are you looking for a garden where the warmth of natural stone blends perfectly with calming green shades? The Rustic Gold 2.0 Terrace Tiles collection boasts a unique, slaty structure that offers a one-of-a-kind organic ambiance. With the versatile nature of these rectified glazed gres terrace tiles (measuring 59.5 x 59.5 cm and 20 mm thick) featuring various graphics in rusty and golden hues, you have limitless options for stunning arrangements. You can successfully combine the tiles with wood, decorative stones like sandstone or pebbles, gravel, sand, or concrete structures. That’s why it’s ideal for both rustic and minimalist styles. These tiles also come with exceptional weather resistance and high slip resistance, coupled with a user-friendly system for laying and removing on natural surfaces like gravel, grass or sand. The Rustic Gold 2.0 terrace tiles are, therefore, a perfect addition to a beautiful garden.

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