There is so much more to neutral tones

Neutral shades are both captivating and captivatingly different, especially when they are artfully complemented by vivid colors and structural pieces. The Rino collection offers a rich palette of beige, gray and graphite hues, each one of which boasts an intriguingly raw quality and a textured finish not unlike that of concrete. We have amplified this mesmerizing design with dynamic structural pieces, imbuing each tile with the rugged texture of cement. This stunning imagery is ideal for large, edgy interiors such as lofts, but also perfect for smaller spaces – from hallways and living rooms to patios and bathrooms. Our tiles feature varied graphic textures, imbuing each one with a uniquely natural feel. With a vast selection of formats, colors and surfaces to choose from, the Rino collection is sure to inspire your imagination and help you create a striking interior design!

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