Ribbon V


3D Model

[iframe3d src=www.termaheat.pl//3dvisualization/grzejnik-ribbon-v]



  • Ideal for minimalist interiors
  • Large heat output
  • Mocowania typu V2P pozwalają na regulowanie odległości grzejnika od ściany

Included accessories:

  • Bleed valve

Warranty: 8 years

One of the best radiator designs on the Polish market, awarded prestigious Choice of the Year 2009 and Good Design 2009 awards by the “Łazienka” magazine as well as a Must Have Łódź Design 2011 award. Perfect for modern, minimalist interiors, looks best when combined with such wall surfaces as brick, stone, plaster laminate panel or laminated veneer lumber. Available in a water version only.


Water radiators – standard connection


Technical data

A – Height, B – Width, C1-C5 – Distance between pipe centres, D – Horizontal distance between mounting bracket centres, E – Vertical distance between mounting brackets, F – Distance between a mounting bracket and the bottom of the radiator
Collector and profile

Available sizes

size: 1720-290
size: 1720-390
size: 1920-390
size: 1920-490

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