Ribbon V E


3D Model

[iframe3d src=www.termaheat.pl//3dvisualization/grzejnik-ribbon-v-e]



  • Perfectly matches minimal interiors
  • Selection of approx. 250 colors
  • Large heat output

Included accessories:

  • Set of mounting brackets

Warranty: 8 years

Electric version of the Ribbon radiator.
Great solution for areas where plumbing system is not available. Ribbon E perfectly integrates into the minimalist interiors of modern spaces. Its industrial look blends seamlessly with surfaces such as brick, stone, structural plaster, laminated or lacquered wall panels.


Electric radiators


Technical data

A – height B – width C1-C5 – connection spacing D – distance between fixings horizontally E – distance between attachments vertically F – distance from the lower axle of fixings to the bottom edge of the collector
Collector and tube

Available sizes

size: 1800x290
size: 1800x390
size: 1800x490

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