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  • Funkcjonalność
  • Large heat output
  • Considerable corrossion resistance
  • Wysokie ciśnienie robocze

Included accessories:

  • Bleed valve

Warranty: 8 years

The Plain Towel Rail radiator is an unique shape created based on durable cast iron and bent steel profile. Its centre is made of cast-iron sections where a specific form allows to obtain minimalistic and timeless shape at the same time. Every single section is manually finished and such a task can take up to two craft working hours depending on selected finish. There is a steel profile around the radiator sections which is a support for the whole radiator. That profile is made in an elegant chrome finish or modern painted finish. The steel frame is not only a decoration but it increases the utility values of the radiator making it a perfect towel dryer. And because of that the Plain Towel Rail radiator is recommended especially to the bathrooms and baths. The combination of a cast iron radiator and a steel frame together with a wide range of colors allows us to achieve a unique effect in terms of design. Cast iron radiators are offered in RAL colors, special color palette finishes for cast iron radiators and decorative finishes. The steel frame is offered in chrome finish and painted finish in RAL colors, special color palette finishes for cast iron radiators and selected* decorative finishes.
*Antique Brass, Antique Copper


Water radiators – standard connection


Technical data

A – Wysokość
B – Szerokość
C – Rozstaw podłączeń

Available sizes

size: Plain Towel Rail 900
Plain Towel Rail 900
size: Plain Towel Rail 1000
Plain Towel Rail 1000
size: Plain Towel Rail 1200
Plain Towel Rail 1200

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