Plain 3K


3D Model




  • High corrosion resistance
  • High heat output
  • Minimalist design

Included accessories:

  • Bleed valve

Warranty: 8 years

Plain 3K 460/520 coming soon on sale!

Plain 3K is another  cast iron model of Plain family. Radiator’s three-column construction allowed to increase the surface area of the radiator and its thermal efficiency also. 3K model, the same as the rest of the Plain range, is characterized by minimalism, an economical and simply form placed in a long-lived material like cast iron. This model stands out by its slenderness and the design refers to the classic form of section radiators. Available in RAL palette and dozen of special finishes.


Water radiators – standard connection


Technical data

Available sizes

size: PLAIN 3K 520

PLAIN 3K 520

size: PLAIN 3K 460

PLAIN 3K 460

size: PLAIN 3K 560
PLAIN 3K 560
size: PLAIN 3K 620
PLAIN 3K 620
size: PLAIN 3K 660
PLAIN 3K 660
size: PLAIN 3K 720
PLAIN 3K 720
size: PLAIN 3K 860
PLAIN 3K 860
size: PLAIN 3K 920
PLAIN 3K 920

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