Perła E


3D Model




  • 250 colours to choose from and chrome
  • Original and functional decorative element
  • Electric version with a heating cable
  • Mocowania typu MKF pozwalają na regulowanie odległości grzejnika od ściany

Included accessories:

  • Set of mounting brackets

Warranty: 8 years

If you would like to furnish your interior with an electric radiator both fancy and functional, Perła is the ultimate choice. It makes a real statement in bathrooms as well as living rooms. Depending on the character of space or selected colour Perła can become a stylish or extravagant design solution, perfectly reconciling decorative function and usability.
The valve block of the Perła E model is available at chrome version only, regardless of selected colour of the radiator. 


Technical data

A – height B – width C1-C5 – connection spacing D – distance between fixings horizontally E – distance between attachments vertically F – distance from the lower axle of fixings to the bottom edge of the collector
Collector and tube

Available sizes


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