Ornelia / Tomb

Peace, relaxation and nature – these are the three main themes that inspired us to create this collection. Delicate, subdued colour schemes and wood patterns will help you to arrange an interior that will be an oasis and a place where you can easily and quickly relax. The inspiration that came from nature makes the tile designs an ideal base for interiors in the Scandinavian, classic or eco style. The distinct geometric mosaic will allow you to bring liveliness to a calm room.

Our collection draws inspiration from the themes of peace, relaxation, and nature. Soft, muted color palettes and intricate wood patterns are used to create a tranquil interior that’s perfect for unwinding. These tile designs are a great fit for a Scandinavian, classic, or eco style home, with natural elements that bring an earthy touch to your decor. The bold geometric mosaic adds a touch of energy to a serene space. You’ll love how easy it is to create your own personal retreat with this collection.

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