Optimal Massive Gres 2.0

In harmony with nature

Picture yourself in a serene garden on a scorching day, cooled by a delicate breeze that gently touches your skin. Envision that calming feeling spreading throughout your body as you relax on your summer terrace surrounded by lush greenery and the sensual aroma of flowers. With our exclusive Optimal series, you can create a truly unique space in and around your home – from winding walkways lined with conifers to cozy nooks nestled amidst vibrant flora, perfect for unwinding on warm days. Our collection of frost-resistant terrace tiles boast a square 59.5 x 59.5 cm format that blends effortlessly with nature, featuring a palette of soft hues including beige, gris, anthracite, and graphite. Optimal tiles stand out for their innovative installation technique using sturdy pedestals, making it easy to build a well-ventilated terrace, elegant edges, or even laying them directly on grass for your personalized relaxation zone or path. Achieve long-lasting harmony with nature with Optimal terrace tiles.

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