Małe formaty wielkich możliwości

Neve Creative: Another installment in the collaboration between Ceramika Paradyż and the studio of Maja Ganszyniec. At the heart of this timeless collection is Modernism, with its iconic corsets and corresponding decorative patterns – contrasting, graphic mosaics. However, in Neve Creative, we turn things on their head – decoration is subtle, visible through the rhythm of geometric arrangements of squares and rectangles. It is visible in the light, accentuating diverse textures with matte and glossy features, and in natural and deep colors.

The functionality of this collection lies in the timelessness of the elements used. Thanks to the interplay of textures, colors, and shades of light, interiors become spacious. Decorations become symbolic, based on subtleties, in line with the ideals of minimalism and functionality. Less really is more here, and form is informed by function. At the center of it all is the individual, with their need to fill their interiors with unique, yet timeless content that aligns with their values and lifestyle.

“The starting point for creating the Neve Creative collection was the redefinition of decoration, which in the traditional sense of interior design was governed by strict rules. It was a rigid schema in which spaces had their functions, and decoration was, by definition, an add-on to a peaceful, subdued whole. Contemporary interior design approaches are subject to changes and social trends. It has become increasingly difficult to decide on that one timeless motif to live with for years until the next remodel. Interiors are now free-flowing; wall and floor decorations create friendly backdrops for other mobile elements such as furniture and accessories,” explains Maja Ganszyniec.

The Neve Creative collection by Maja Ganszyniec responds to contemporary needs, the most important of which is modularity, leading to individual solutions within interiors. The collection’s strength lies in a unique combination of four key aspects: formats, structures, colors, and light.


The compatible geometry of the tiles allows them to be combined in any composition of squares measuring 19.8×19.8cm, rectangles measuring 9.8×19.8cm, and small squares measuring 9.8×9.8cm. The decoration becomes the rhythm of these divisions, combining the elements, geometric, relief, or shimmering patterns, and simplicity of form. Adding to this mix of structures, colors and light creates the possibility of creating very subtle or complex decorations.


The harmonized palette of basic colors – carefully selected whites, beiges, grays, graphite, and black – blends seamlessly with a palette of trend-inspired colors. These colors include the flesh pink, dark terracotta, muted mint, deep green, blue, and navy blue. Three light shades and three saturated ones work in any chosen combination, tonally, harmoniously or in contrast. The whole produces the possibility of creating interiors that are both perfectly balanced and peaceful, as well as expressive and bold.


The subtle differentiation of hues within different formats, combined with the juxtaposition of matte, glossy, and structured surfaces, creates many possibilities. Additionally, the introduction of two technologies – wall and floor – allows for free-flowing interior design without limitations. Neve Creative stands out for its use of special inks in the form of delicate geometric patterns on tiles measuring 9.8×9.8cm and 29.8×89.8cm. Deep structures on tiles measuring 19.8×19.8cm create strong light and shadow, offering additional possibilities for creating creative and individual configurations.


Decor is also about playing with light. Combining matte with gloss on the surface of a single tile allows for attractive effects using one type of product. Another solution is the combination of positions with different surfaces in one room. Proper lighting is essential for products with deep structures. Light shapes the space, draws out nuances, emphasizes details, and adds subtlety to the entire design.

Paradyż Neve Creative by Maja Ganszyniec is a rich tool for creative expression, with unlimited possibilities embodied in a timeless yet diverse form.

Maja Ganszyniec is a recognized designer with a comprehensive approach to the product development process. Born in Silesia, she studied interior architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, and then completed her design studies at the Royal College of Art in London in 2008. In 2013, she founded Studio Ganszyniec, focusing on human-oriented and nature-friendly objects. In her practice, she combines design that is both visionary and responsible, always seeking new possibilities within the limits of strategic thinking. Over the past decade, she has collaborated with brands such as IKEA, DUKA, Comforty, Paradyż, Mute, and Noti. In 2017, the Polish Institute of Industrial Design awarded her the title of Designer of the Year. In 2020, she was appointed Creative Director at Profim – a leading Polish manufacturer of office furniture and one of the brands of the Scandinavian Flokk Group. She is also the owner and founder of the independent furniture brand Nurt.

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