Naturstone collection was inspired by the structure of a rock. Thanks to the use of the latest, unique in Europe technology of double charging with the application of the dry coloring Freestile system, the surface of the tiles is adorned with a unique tonal design that perfectly reflects the diversified structure of the stone. The design and color palette of particular tiles are one of a kind, just like in nature where we will never find two identical natural stones. The tiles can be purchased in opaque, polished, and structural versions. Plinths and treads complement the collection allowing the tiles to be used in the entire apartment, including staircases or terraces. What makes Naturstone special are additional formats and decorative elements cut from the tiles available on request.

The Naturstone collection draws inspiration from the natural structure of rocks. With the latest technology of double charging and the innovative Freestile dry coloring system unique in Europe, the tiles boast a tonal design that captures the stone’s varied surface. Each tile is distinct, just like in nature where no two stones are the same. A range of finishes including opaque, polished, and structural are on offer, along with matching plinths and treads. Naturstone also offers customized formats and decorative elements to enhance any space, making it a truly unique collection.

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