Nati / Nato

A minimalist range of colours can be an ideal base for the free selection of accessories. Glass strips in energetic colours, as well as very original inserts with glass elements have been selected for the base tiles from the Nati/Nato collection in Bianco and Grys colours and a 25 x 40 cm format. The vivid turquoise and blue colours will enliven the calm and subdued base tiles. If you prefer to keep a minimalist design, you will surely be interested in structural decorations, which – if properly illuminated – will create an amazing, three-dimensional effect on the wall, and in inserts with a delicate, fashionable pattern of feathers or universal stripes. Whatever you choose – it’s going to be your unique interior.

Small changes:

Looking to create a minimalistic color scheme that allows for more accessory options? Look no further than the Nati/Nato collection’s Bianco and Grys base tiles in a 25 x 40 cm format, which can be paired with glass strips in lively colors or intriguing glass inserts for a pop of energy. Vibrant turquoise and blue hues are a great complement to the calm base tiles. Even if you lean toward a minimalist aesthetic, the collection offers structural decorations that can produce an amazing, three-dimensional effect on the wall when illuminated. Additionally, feather-patterned or classic stripe inserts are available for those who desire a more delicate or trendy look. Regardless of which options you choose, the final result will be a one-of-a-kind interior design.

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