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The Motivo collection is the epitome of the latest trends in a modern style. Firstly – the delicate colour scheme. The entire collection presents subdued and warm shades of white and grey – Crema, Grys and Silver. This time, the decorations do not stand out with their strong colour scheme, but – having the same calm colours – they are distinguished by a pattern and a delicate structure. Secondly – the matt surface. Rectified tiles in a universal 29.5 x 59.5 format and with matt surface can be easily used in both large and small rooms. Thirdly – the geometric, modernistic patterns. A combination of glossy, matt and reactive inks was used to create them, which resulted in a delicate structure and a unique optical effect on the surface of a tile. And finally – the glass inserts, with an equally modern, geometric pattern, that will make every interior shine.

The Motivo tile collection perfectly represents the latest trends in modern design. The color scheme is delicate and warm, featuring shades of white and grey such as Crema, Grys, and Silver. Decorations within the collection are also subtle in color but stand out with their pattern and texture. In addition to its beautiful aesthetics, the collection features a versatile format with rectified tiles in a 29.5 x 59.5 size and a matte finish suitable for both large and small spaces. The modernistic patterns are created using a combination of glossy, matte, and reactive inks, resulting in a unique optical effect on the tile surface. Moreover, glass inserts with geometric patterns add a touch of sophistication to any interior design.

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