Against the background of the dark, impenetrable night, the bright and shining moonlight creates a fantastic effect of contrast and illumination. The Moonlight collection is based on the same principle – the glossy colour schemes of white and black can perfectly complement each other, or quite the contrary – separate individual zones of the interior. The diversified, structural and glossy decorations with an elegant rhombus or a classic herringbone pattern, combined with a well-chosen, refracting light will make the room bright and clear. The rectified tiles in a 29.5 x 59.5 cm format are supplemented with the classic brick format – 9.8 x 19.8 cm. Thanks to this, the Moonlight collection gives you infinite arrangement possibilities, adapting to many different styles, such as Scandinavian, modern or glamour.

The Moonlight collection draws inspiration from the striking contrast and illumination of moonlight against the dark, impenetrable night sky. Featuring glossy shades of white and black, these tiles are perfect for both complementing and separating individual zones of your interior. Structural and elegant, the rhombus and herringbone patterns add a touch of sophistication to the room while refracting light for a bright and clear effect. These rectified tiles come in a versatile 29.5 x 59.5 cm format and are supplemented with the classic brick format of 9.8 x 19.8 cm, providing infinite possibilities for arrangement. Whether your style is Scandinavian, modern, or glamorous, the Moonlight collection offers the perfect fit for your unique interior.

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