Thanks to the Modern collection, the traditional, handicraft ceramics and its graphics are back in fashion! On a small 19.8 x 19.8 format, the traditional Moroccan graphics were contemporised. In combination with octagonal-shaped tiles and their contrasting, classic colours of white and black, they become an ideal collage of tradition and modernity. In this version, they will surely find recognition among all those who follow the latest interior design trends, but fondly remember the classic designs and formats. The matt surface of gres with a delicate structure will allow for arranging large surfaces of walls and floors, but also for using expressive decors as a patchwork decoration of selected elements of space.

With the Modern Collection, traditional handicraft ceramics and their graphics are given a new lease of life. The timeless Moroccan patterns are updated on a small 19.8 x 19.8 format. Octagonal tiles in contrasting black and white offer the perfect backdrop for this blend of tradition and modernity. This range is sure to appeal to design enthusiasts who appreciate classic style and formats, but with a contemporary twist. The gres tiles feature a delicate, matt finish and are versatile enough to be used on both walls and floors. The expressive decors can also be used as patchwork decoration to highlight selected elements of space.

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