Mistysand / Mistico

Do you dream about an ideal place to relax? With calm colours, bringing to mind a warm beach or secluded sandy sand dunes? You can easily achieve such an effect with the Mistysand collection! The glossy tiles are available in two warm and calm colours – Crema and Beige. The tonal pattern on the Tonal tiles will allow for a subtle combination of both colour schemes. The glossy surface of the tiles and their sandstone texture make for a very original and unprecedented combination. You can easily enliven an interior arranged in such a way and give it some character with the new mosaic shape – an arabesque combining both colour schemes or an insert with a geometric pattern. In addition, the 30 x 60 cm format of the tiles, combined with their colour will visually enlarge any interior.

Are you longing for a serene and peaceful retreat? A place that evokes the feeling of being surrounded by warm sands and tranquil oceans? Look no further than the Mistysand tile collection! These sleek, glossy tiles come in two soothing colors – Crema and Beige – and feature a tonal pattern that effortlessly blends both hues. The sandstone texture adds an unexpected twist to the glossy surface, creating a truly distinctive and unique look. Spice up your décor by adding an eye-catching mosaic shape, like an arabesque or a geometric pattern, to bring some character to your space. Furthermore, the 30 x 60 cm format of the tiles, combined with their color scheme, will visually expand any room.

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