Melby / Elbo

The full glory of minimalism! The three basic colours – white, black and grey – will make it possible for you to adopt any type of accessories, regardless of their nature or colour. To keep boredom away, we embellished the decors with a beautiful expressive geometric motif that does not diverge from the minimalist trends but is distinct enough to perfectly emphasize the character of the interior. The universal format and matt surface will look great in both small and large rooms.

Experience the true elegance of minimalism! Our tile collection features a timeless palette of white, black, and grey so that you can complement any kind of accessory with ease. We added a gorgeous geometric pattern to the decor to prevent monotony while still adhering to minimalist themes, creating an unmistakable accent that highlights the room’s personality. The matte finish and flexible sizing are suitable for spaces of all dimensions, from cozy to expansive.

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