Warm sun, calm sound of waves, palm trees, coral reefs and breathtaking views – all of this can be found on the Caribbean island of Martinique. Do you want to bring this atmosphere to your interiors? The Martynika collection can help you. The glossy tiles in the Bianco, Nero and Grys colours can be complemented with delicate pastel colours: powder pink Praline and mint, reminiscent of spring and summer days Mint colour. The subtle colours scheme can be easily enlivened and given a modern character by using structural tiles and and inserts with a clear, geometric pattern. The universal 25 x 40 cm format of tiles allows them to be used in both large and small rooms, emphasising and bringing the beauty in them.

If you’re dreaming of warm sun, tranquil waves, swaying palm trees, and stunning sea views, look no further than the Caribbean island of Martinique. And now, you can bring that island ambiance right into your home with Martynika tiles. Available in glossy black, white, and grey hues, the collection also features soft pastels like powder pink Praline and refreshing Mint. With the addition of structural tiles and geometric inserts, this subtle color palette can be easily given a modern touch. The 25 x 40 cm tile format makes Martynika versatile for both large and small rooms, effortlessly highlighting their natural beauty.

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