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  • Large heat output, considerable corrosion resistance, high working pressure
  • It’s unique appearance helps to bring out the character of every room
  • In addition to the 200 standard RAL colors, we also offer a range of special colors as well as decorative finishes.

Included accessories:

  • Bleed valve

Warranty: 8 years

Ornaments visible on the surface of the Kaszub cast iron radiator are derived from the characteristic embroidery that reflects the beauty of nature and climate of the Kashubia region. The radiator is a combination of excellent durability, quality, tasteful beauty and regional, unique Kashubian charm.
Kashubian embroidery, inspired by the beauty and colors of the nature, dates back to approximately 1209. Its characteristic design was initiated by the Norbertine nuns, who were brought to Żukowo by Prince Mściwoj from Strzelno, Poznań. The monasteries of Norbertine in Żukowo and Benedictine in Żarnowiec have become the cradle of Kashubian embroidery.
Characteristics of embroidery include predominantly floral motifs: pansies, cornflowers, bluebells, carnations, lilies, forget-me-nots and roses. They are presented with extreme precision and attention to detail.
This same thought and commitment to excellence have been translated into other material, which is the cast iron. Kaszub radiator combines excellent: durability, quality and regional Kashubian charm. The authors of the design are Krzysztof Michalak and Bartosz Chylewski. Inspired by the Kashubian neighbourhood, they have created a radiator, which in a tasteful manner reconciles tradition and folklore with the noble beauty of cast iron.


Water radiators – standard connection


Technical data

A – height B – width C1-C5 – connection spacing D – distance between fixings horizontally E – distance between attachments vertically F – distance from the lower axle of fixings to the bottom edge of the collector

Available sizes

size: Kaszub 660

Kaszub 660

size: Kaszub 720

Kaszub 720

size: Kaszub 860

Kaszub 860

size: Kaszub 920

Kaszub 920

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