In response to investor needs we made a collection of large-format unglazed gres tiles characterized by subdued colours and minimalistic design. The 59.8 x 119.8 format for base tiles or 29.8 x 119.8 format for crowntree tiles is what designers are seeking most for spacious hall interiors, patios and corridors. Current design trends relish massive uniform backgrounds which highlight the remaining arrangement details – in these places the Intero collection will remain unbeatable.

We understand what investors require, which is why we’ve created a collection of unglazed gres tiles in larger formats. The tiles come in subdued colours and feature minimalistic designs. Designers are specifically looking for base tiles in the format of 59.8 x 119.8 or crowntree tiles in 29.8 x 119.8 formats for hall interiors, patios, and corridors that need a spacious feel. The trend nowadays is to have massive uniform backgrounds that highlight the remaining arrangement details- and our Intero collection delivers just that. In short, our collection is the perfect solution for those looking for unbeatable designs, especially for big and wide interior spaces.

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