Femininity and elegance – these are the words that best describe the character of the Grace collection. On one side – delicate colour scheme of white and grey – Bianco and Grys, and on the other – expressive and strong black. In addition, the collection is complemented by decors inspired by the beauty of nature with a honeycomb motif – to choose from the mini version or more expressive, maxi version. The mosaic of hexagonal shapes fits the geometric decors perfectly and gives the interior a modern character, still embedded in a subtle colour scheme. The diversity and contrasts of tile colours, their matt and polished surfaces and the patterns on decors makes the collection ideally suited for your needs and offers infinite arrangement options.

The Grace collection boasts femininity and elegance with its delicate color scheme of white and gray – Bianco and Grys, contrasted with a strong black hue. It is enhanced with nature-inspired decors featuring a honeycomb motif, available in either mini or maxi versions. The hexagonal mosaic shapes perfectly match the geometric decors, adding a modern yet subtle touch to any interior. The collection offers infinite arrangement options, thanks to the diversity and contrasts of tile colors, matte and polished surfaces, and intricate decor patterns.

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