Garden Massive Gres 2.0

A union between nature and… style

The Garden collection takes inspiration from the natural hues and textures of sandstone, granite, and marble, aligning perfectly with the trend of incorporating functional surfaces indoors and outdoors. The tiles boast neutral shades, ranging from cool to warm, such as Beige, Grys, Grafit, Antracyt, and Umbra, in the 59.5 x 59.5cm format, making them an excellent choice for creating a leisure space. With the Garden collection, revamping the garden, designing walking paths amidst greenery, and creating a space for garden furniture and grill are now effortless and enjoyable. The tiles’ natural rock-like texture complements the garden plants beautifully. By using the Garden collection indoors and outdoors, you can achieve seamless consistency in style throughout your living space.

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