Enrica is a modern interpretation of the classics, a real collection with “soul”. It will be appreciated by persons who like a warm family atmosphere, but at the same time want to stay in line with the latest trends. The tiles in a 25×40 cm size have warm beige colours in two variants: crema and beige. They are embellished with a tonal pattern, which makes each tile unique. The glossy surface with a stone image makes your bathroom or kitchen look as if it were lined with natural materials. The collection is complemented by a trendy pressed mosaic and a tile with a decorative motif that adorns the arrangement of concave circles, resembling porcelain plates.

Enrica is a contemporary take on traditional designs that exudes warmth and character. It appeals to those who appreciate a cozy home environment while also staying up-to-date with the latest fashions. The 25×40 cm tiles come in two warm beige tones: crema and beige, and feature a subtle tonal pattern that gives each piece its own unique charm. The glossy finish with a stone effect creates a natural look, perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. The collection also includes a chic pressed mosaic and a decorative motif tile with concave circles reminiscent of porcelain plates.

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