Subtlety dipped in nature

The gentle and delicate Elia tile collection evokes the refreshing essence of a spring morning. The series speaks to those who appreciate current trends while also valuing the simplicity and comfort of home. These matte wall tiles come in a versatile 25×75 cm format available in a neutral Bianco option, as well as subdued and warm shades of Crema and Brown that imitate the natural patterns of wood. The collection also includes a mosaic option (29,8×29,8 cm) and two variations of décor (25×75 cm), enriched by subtle nature-inspired textures. Looping, slightly scratched grooves convey a beautiful sense of harmony, while the pulsating patterns create the illusion of three-dimensional space. The subtle design of this collection complements modern, eco and Scandinavian aesthetics, enhancing the cozy atmosphere of any room.

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