Electric heating panel – Infrared – with on/off switch


The heating panels has a built-in room thermostat. The thermostat has a function of setting the room air temperature and a function of setting the panel temperature.

The panel radiator has specially profiled mounting hangers, which effectively prevents the radiator from being removed by children. In addition, the thermostat is equipped with a lock for temperature setting keys, childproof.

The radiator thermostat is easy to use and allows you to control the room temperature and set the temperature of the heating panel, which is especially important when the users are small children. Heating panel temperature control will effectively protect users against possible burns. Heating panels does not require additional control devices.

Infrared heating panels with a tasteful appearance, giving comfort to the heat. Used as basic or additional heating equipment for heating houses, flats, offices, industrial halls and public facilities. Effective and economical infrared electric heaters that benefit the health of users.

Simple and safe installation.
Radiators are mounted on steel profiles with child protection. The profiles are screwed directly to the wall with wall plugs. Installation instructions, radiator operating instructions and profiles are included with the radiator.

Power [W]500750
Length [mm]11001200
Width [mm]470570
Thickness [mm]1515
Net weight [kg]1010
Protection classIP54IP54
Warranty:5 years5 years
Heating area [m²] *~10~15
Heating volume [m³] *~25~38
* With good building insulationEU=40W/m²EU=40W/m²

The delivery time is around 14 days.

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