Raw Beauty Of Nature

Experience the captivating allure of nature through the timeless texture of wood, shaped by the unstoppable forces of the environment and the passage of time. Our Craftland series of tiles will infuse your living spaces with the magic of primeval natural beauty, conjuring visions of wild escapades amidst the scent of moss and the gentle rustle of forest undergrowth. The Craftland tiles’ raw elegance is at home not only in industrial and rustic spaces marked by rich veins and knots, but also in modern and minimalistic interiors, where they showcase their authentic beauty and undeniable sophistication. The versatility of the modular 14.8×119.8 cm and 14.8×89.8 cm sizes, together with four distinctive hues (Light, Naturale, Brown, Dark), allow you to create a living environment that immerses you in the immense depth of raw beauty.

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