Alluding to Provencal style, the collection was inspired by the slightly timeworn, whitened boards. Como is a tribute to the simplicity of things and the order of nature translated into one-of-a-kind homely coziness. Small, lightly stained, wooden furniture and rustic accessories give an additional touch in ensuring the aura of relaxation in the interior you will not want to be parted with even for a moment.

The collection draws inspiration from the rustic charm of the Provencal style, evoking the beauty of age-worn white boards. Named Como, it pays homage to the essence of nature’s order and the elegance of simplicity that exudes warmth and comfort. The addition of lightly-stained wooden furniture and rustic accents imbues the space with a cozy ambiance that promises uninterrupted relaxation you’ll never want to leave.

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