City Blower




  • “Boost” feature – hot air blower which rises the room’s temperature quickly and automatically;
  • „Intelligent“ electronic control that ensures a constant temperature in a room while minimizing energy consumption;
  • Fast and easy drying of textiles
  • That is simple and stylish

Included accessories:

  • Heater fixing kit to the wall mounting surface


An electric towel rail with a blower integrated with the radiator through the Fast-On connection. One of the tubes has been put in front of the row to create a functional hanger, which in combination with the blower creates a functional solution both for drying towels and heating the room. The boost function makes it possible to achieve the expected temperature quickly. The City Blower radiator is available in almost 250 colours and the blower is available in white (RAL 9016) and grey (RAL 9006). For more information about the blower please click here.


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