Arctic Storm

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The power of attraction

The world you explore is a place of stark contrasts. From the deep darkness of night to the radiant gleam of sunrise, the essence of black and white contrasts shines through. The chill of a waterfall mist on a hot day exemplifies the interplay of opposing forces. Adorned with graceful and delicate Statuario marble, our ceramic tiles in 29.8 x 89.8 cm size showcase a variety of patterns and tonal structures. An attempt to break with classic style, the new 6.5 x 29.8 cm bricks introduce a dazzling effect of silver amidst the black and white tones. These decorative tiles, combined with hexalongs, will bring a touch of this eclectic world to your surroundings. However, contrasts do not imply conflict or inconsistency – nature maintains equilibrium. The harmonious coexistence of opposing elements permeates each other, creating clarity and awareness, both near and far.

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