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Kitchen Tiles

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We offer many styles of tiles for your dream kitchen. Check out the collections below.


Thanks to the Modern collection, the traditional, handicraft ceramics and its graphics are back in fashion! On a small 19.8 x 19.8 format, the traditional Moroccan graphics were contemporised. In combination with octagonal-shaped tiles and their contrasting, classic colours of white and black, they become an ideal collage of tradition and modernity. In this version, they will surely find recognition among all those who follow the latest interior design trends, but fondly remember the classic designs and formats. The matt surface of gres with a delicate structure will allow for arranging large surfaces of walls and floors, but also for using expressive decors as a patchwork decoration of selected elements of space.


Veo is a collection for enthusiasts of saturated contrasts and bold arrangement solutions. The shiny tiles in a 25 x 40 cm format are available in white, red, grey and black. The rich collection is complemented by additional, diverse decorative elements: geometric structural inserts or slab-like tiles, also available with a very fashionable and delicate lace pattern. The intense colours and distinct structures give the kitchen or bathroom interior a unique character that perfectly matches both the texture of wood and glass or metal accessories. The appropriate selection of individual elements of the collection will allow you to arrange the interior in many different styles, from modern to shabby chic.


Consisting of warm colours, the Ilario clinker tiles collection is inspired by the climate of southern Italy. The delicate structure and tonal pattern evoke memories of sun-warmed façades and sleepy atmosphere of a small Mediterranean town. The rich collection in pleasant beige, ochre and brown colours includes tiles in many formats – rectangular, which can be combined within the assortment, creating a lot of interesting arrangements. Tiles with enhanced technical parameters and a thickness of 11 mm are perfect for public premises, as well as for more low-key spaces – on a patio, terrace or balcony of a family home.


Geometric and flora motives draw inspiration from oriental and southern regions and with this in mind, the decorations for Sevilla were created. The collection is very universal in aesthetics (for the kitchen and bathroom) as well as in other parameters (glazed porcelain), and it can be used both on the walls and floors.


Small hexagonal tiles in diverse color schemes give unlimited arrangement opportunities. Esagon collection in 18.8 x 17.1 cm format is an unusual response to the needs of investment projects – plenty of small colorful tiles that will give the interior an unprecedented atmosphere and will accentuate its uniqueness. Esagon Mono is a mix of powder colors which are this year’s top choice and they are a perfect match for modern op-art interiors inspired by the 60’s. Subtle color palette makes a perfect combination with both white tiles and wooden or concrete elements. Esagon Linum, on the other hand, takes its inspiration from canvas.

Universal ceramic inserto

Die Küche ist das Herz jedes Hauses! Wir wollen, dass dieser Ort besonderen Ausdruck verliehen bekommt und seine außerordentliche Bedeutung durch entsprechende Dekorationen betont wird. Eine Sammlung an Leckereien, Küchenausstattung, aber auch Accessoires ermöglicht es, die Wände zu dekorieren und ihnen einen klaren und entschiedenen Charakter zu verleihen.


A collection of white modular wall tiles available in a wide range of sizes: 25 x 33,3 cm, 25 x 40 cm, 20 x 60 cm, 30 x 60 cm, 29,5 x 59,5 cm, 25 x 75 cm, 29,8 x 89,8 cm, 32,5 x 97,7 cm and on two types of surfaces: matt and glossy. The product is dedicated to investors implementing their work related to the construction of many residential buildings, public buildings, hotel buildings or sports complexes as individual clients looking for classic white wall tiles for the needs of arranging rooms such as kitchen or bathroom.


Inspired by a trip to northern Italy, Ceramika Paradyż’s Scandiano collection awakens memories of a historic town invariably associated with the smell of freshly-brewed coffee and omnipresent ancient sandstone. The opaque wall tiles reflect the characteristic structure of the sun-burned stone, both base square tiles measuring 30 x 30 cm and those intended for façades, with a timeless brick format (6.6 x 24.5 cm). Tonal print magnifies the effect as, when laid together, the tiles faithfully reflect the surface of the natural rock. This impression may be further reinforced by the joints imitating the irregular setting of the stone in mortar characteristic of the traditional Mediterranean construction.


Traditional stone and traditional colour schemes. Do you need anything more? The beautifully printed stone image can now be introduced into your interior in four different colour variants – toned beige, saturated brown, as well as two shades of grey. Such a base will allow you to arrange the interior in any style – its strength and an element deciding about its character will be appropriate accessories. The matte surface of the tiles emphasizes the universality of the room.


This collection is the essence of elegance! The delicate design and a style reminiscent of concrete will be a great base for varied additions. Industrial, classic, modern or minimalistic style – Proteo tiles will let you create an interior in any of them! The uniform colour saturation allows for unlimited possibilities of mixing and combining different colour schemes, without introducing clear divisions, but only separating individual zones in the apartment delicately.

Wood Rustic

The rustic, slightly aged appearance of these wood-like tiles will allow you to feel like you are inside a country cottage or an interior of the shabby chic style. Classic colour schemes of brown, beige and natural wood do not introduce an excess, but perfectly emphasize the refined style of a room. The universal 20x60 cm size will look great both on the floor and as a decorative element on the wall.


Solid collection is characterized by universal decorative patterns and neutral colors thus forming a perfect base for further esthetic choices. Light shades of beige and grey combine with both textures of wood and stone embedded in the latest trends and loft-style industrial elements. Thanks to their rectified edges, the tiles can be laid using minimum size joint accentuating the trendy effect of the uniform shimmering surface. Open spaces reinforce this effect, which is why the tiles look very good when used in apartments where the kitchen, dining room and living room are one space, although their square format is universal enough to use in any arrangement, in smaller rooms, or terraces.


Brook is a collection in the American spirit, for those who value their freedom in arranging their own space. Matte tiles in the size of 25x40 cm for bathrooms and kitchens are available in two colours: grit and graphite. The pattern is tonal, which makes each tile unique. Structural decorations are embellished with retro motifs – you can choose the classic and elegant "Tiffany's Breakfast" style houndstooth check, as well as a fun colourful collage of American advertising posters, bringing the memory of a club with a jukebox.


The urban Muro collection will bring New York's atmosphere to your kitchen or bathroom. Matt tiles in a 25x40 cm size imitate the structure of a concrete wall and brickwork, typical for the raw loft interior. Available in shades of white (bianco) and grey (grit), the wall tiles fit in minimalist and industrial design, perfectly matching accessories made of glass, metal and simple modular furniture. The unique character of Muro will be appreciated by persons that are young at heart, who value brave arrangement ideas.

Orrios / Orrion

The collection of matte wall tiles combining trendy simplistic style of cements with intensive geometric decorations. This combination looks wonderful in modern bathrooms and kitchens. Three different insert patterns give a lot of freedom when designing the interiors and creating own compositions. They may be arranged in vertical stripes resembling wallpapers, or wide horizontal patchwork. The character of this collection will be perfectly emphasized by wood and modern black or graphite accessories.

Ermeo / Ermo

Modern Ermeo/Ermo collection will be enjoyed by individualists with artistic nature who prefer original, avant-garde designs in a spirit of the young generation. The rich collection of matte wall tiles (30 x 60 cm) is available in neutral shades of white, beige, grey, and brown; however it will be enlivened by the distinctive graphic pattern presented on the inserts in the same format. This strong attention grabbing accent is inspired by the art of murals. Digitally printed on glass, it gives a very interesting effect which allows the interior to be transformed.


A minimalistic collection of wall tiles designed in the geometrical esthetics of crystal. The precision of forms and perfectly selected format of its small elements allow to create arrangements characterized by extraordinarily pure closed form. This option is ideal for modern interiors featuring cold, raw style in which lights gives structure to space. Thanks to Favaro, kitchen or bathroom surfaces gain an additional dimension. Structural tiles decorating walls and furniture, provided the right lighting, create a sophisticated 3D illusion, which gives the entire arrangement unique character.


An exciting collection of 75 cm x 75 cm tiles with a really tasteful design. A proposal ideal for a warm kitchen, atmospheric living room or an austere bathroom. It is based on two juxtapositions of colours inspired by pure nature – mild beige and umber as well as a slightly sharper composition of three shades of grey. All elements of the Trakt collection have a unique structure due to which they create a dynamic pattern on the wall or floor, making every arrangement spiced up. The tiles are large and due to their originality represent a challenge for designers who nowadays get a taste for fashionable larger formats, “ambiguous” hues and stylistic austerity.

Emilly / Milio

Two ideas for one collection: oriental sensuality and analytical order that are juxtaposed and given a beautiful girlish name. This is by no means an awkward mistake but a well-thought proposal for both men and women. Either as a delicate structure of sandstone or a fine geometric puzzle, Emilly is a timeless suggestion which will not become boring even after many years.


The Maloe collection of the Paradyż Brand proposes a perfect solution - it is ideal for people who struggle with the choice: beautiful wood or durable and practical tiles. With this collection we put a stop to these dilemmas, so that our customers may be fully satisfied. When arranging your kitchen or living room, you can now guarantee very high functionality and at the same time maintain the high aesthetic appeal and warmth of the wooden floor. Top quality digital overprint leaves no doubts as to whether you have made the right choice. Highly accurate representation of wooden texture available in four color variants: bianco, beige, brown and natural, combined with the structural feel of wooden boards allows to fulfill your dreams about an exclusive interior.


Tradition, simplicity and natural appearance? It’s all possible with Cotto, which is the perfect solution for a consistent exterior arrangement of your house landscape. For those interested in traditional finishings and simple design solutions, we offer two Cotto collection variants in two different colour palettes. Colours of Cotto Crema tiles, along with very good technical parameters, allow for creating arrangements that offer both simplicity and purity of form. On the other hand, Naturale features an excellent rendition of the live and natural appearance of a stonework floor, both in the space around the house and in the interior, e.g. the kitchen.

Reflection / Reflex

Dreams and contemplation of a cosy and clear home interior begin to take real shape. Our collection Reflection/Reflex includes tiles with neutral texture, slightly similar to brushed plaster, it is available in two color variants, smooth and structural. The interior arrangement is complemented by by the available decorative pieces - geometric insertos or panels with flowery motifs - it allows to compose patterns that are extremely varied in style. Such a pallet allows dreams to come true.

Midian / Purio

Either geometry that is modern geometric patterns on the tiles. Either colours that is four vivid colours on which were painted elements of the collection Midian / Purio. Or both! The collection has been prepared in such a way that helps customize the interior with two sets of decorations - floral and geometric. Choose your favorite colour and pattern and then enjoy your new, cheerful interior.


...until you achieve any kind of pattern you desire using the vast selection of pieces in the Tamoe collection. Six colors, four different formats and two types of surface texture - flat and slightly corrugated. It seems impossible, but all the pieces get together perfectly! Still not enough? We also have glass insertos with invigorating images, e.g. fragrant coffee. Combine all the pieces in any way you’d like, and every interior becomes one of a kind.

Abrila / Purio

Fill your interior with the most magical memories from your journeys. In one place you can be ravished by unique flora, in other by modernity and cosmopolitan city style. All you can find choosing new tiles collection Abrila/Purio. The most fancy glittering colours – Bianco and Grafit – were trimmed with delicate floral patterns. Geometrical dots and stripes insertos show energy and vitality of the city. To be sure that there are the best memories, we placed some of them in the next inserto.


Floor tiles from the Sextans collection are perfect for modern minimalistic interiors. There are four colour schemes to choose from- light beige and grit, as well as darker graphite and brown. Decide yourself on the colour scheme and create your own interior according to your tastes! Decorative strips and corners perfectly match the whole composition and emphasize the minimalistic character of the collection.

Gamma / Gammo

As many as 10 different colors, each available in gloss and matte. This allows for limitless possibilities in arranging your interior to achieve any effect you desire. Mix and match the colors and surfaces to create unique interior arrangements. The wall and floor tiles are compatible and complement each other, together they allow to conjure up interesting and colorful interiors. Excellent technical parameters of the collection allow it to be used in public utility locations.

Vivida / Vivido

Joy, energy and optimism - these three words perfectly summarize the Vivida/Vivido collection Seven neon colors will lighten up your bathroom and fill you with positive energy. Sparkling white and red, orange, pink, violet, blue and green - take your pick! Decorations and tiles in each of the colors can be mixed and matched in any way you want - do not limit yourself to just one. For total optimists, we have colorful decorative pieces with flowery motifs and structural tiles allow you to take a look at any one color from a different angle, especially in the right lighting. Change your bathroom into a neon-powered facility!